The only Realtime Valve!

we redefine the terms fast, reliable and flexible

We introduce a new generation of valves with a
dose range,which is 1000 times higher as conventional valves

KTW SYSTEMS has the answer to all the existing problems in the valve market.

Our valves can be used wherever a flow is present, regardless of whether it is air,
gases, water or viscous media, including a wide range of pressure and flow.

Flexibility, cost-efficiency, long life only a few advantages.
The valve technology is patented and we are the licensee.

Realtime, direct and stochastic switching valve with a magnetized ball as a closure element for gases and liquids.

The pressure difference between the valve inlet and the outlet keeps the ball in the valve seat.
The ball is the only moving part of the valve. For the opening of the valve, a magnetic field is generated by the magnetic coil, which let force acts laterally on the ball and the ball rolls from the valve seat.

 Without a magnetic field, the flow returns the ball back to the valve seat, the valve closes.

The magnet system, the valve seat diameter and the diameter of the valve ball determine the characteristics of such a valve, which can easily be adapted to different requirements by varying these parameters. This also results in a wide application field for this type of valves.

Our valves are extremely flexible and replace a large number of individual solutions

Our Valves don’t have the disadvantages of needle or spring systems and convince through an extremely long lifetime – tested are more than 3bn switching cycles due to low friction an minimal mechanical load.

In addition, no hydraulic system is required.

Only this facts lead to high-cost savings in the production process

Suitable for all gases and liquids,
heat and cold resistant(plus/minus 200°C,
usable for pressure control

nl/min to 5l/min in one component

dose range is 1,000 times higher
of conventional valves

Pressure range from
0.5 bar to 1.000 bar

Closes automatically in case
of power failure

Easy to clean, corrosion-resistant
and requires no lubrication,
regulating and self-locking in one
(permanently technically dense)

extremely fast (1ms), direct and stochastic

switching, which allows real-time applications

By pulse width modulation the
flow can be controlled linearly

From the welding robot to the waterworks,
from dedusting in opencast mining to the cabin pressure control in the airplane
– everything is possible with our valves as a reliable component

Industrial application areas:

Aerospace, agriculture, analytical, automotive, biotechnology, cosmetics, chemical , electronics,
energy, food, medical tech, packaging, pharmaceutical, railway, shipbuilding,  semiconductor, textile
water treatment industry, Genetic, mechanical, sanitary, security engineering

Sample Application

  • Water supply > Drinking water treatment
  • Chemical > Cooling, lubrication, and dosing
  • Blood Analyzers > Control of the cleaning processes
  • Sterilizers > Control of steam sterilization
  • Shipbuilding > Control of diesel and auxiliary fuels
  • Engine Tech > Water direct injection
  • Pharmaceutical > Filling of infusions, eye ointment etc.
  • Agriculture > Control of plant protection consumption

Key Figures

> 0 bn
switching cycles through low friction and minimal mechanical stress
higher than 0 times
dose range
10000 ms
extreme, fast, direct and stochastic switching
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