High Vacuum Laser Welder

Vacuum does not equal Vacuum


High-quality welding results should be possible without great effort and at a reasonable cost.

Wherever the technology has reached a high level of development
and high-quality welding results are 
necessary, a welding process
in a high vacuum (< 0.003 mbar) is required in most cases.

Welding in a high vacuum takes place in the past with electron beam welders.

Electron beam welders are expensive to purchase and maintain.
They are conditionally flexible in size, 
complex in the periphery,
complex in the shielding of X-rays and where current flow exists as well as

susceptible to magnetization, which requires a complex demagnetization process.


Vacuum Laser Welder by KTW Technology

Our Vacuum Laser Welder fulfils the requirements of high-quality welding results
(E Beam Welders) at reasonable costs, without big efforts and very flexible in the
dimension of the device.

And ….

Our Vacuum Laser Welder is a real “Vacuum” Laser Welder
(Patent application process is running).

We weld in a high vacuum of 0,00005 mbar !! And not like our competitors,
who weld with a laser in a low-pressure environment (> 300 mbar) or rough vacuum (1…300 mbar).

Product Example

Main Application Areas:

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Machinery and plant construction
  • Electrical industry
  • Defense technology
  • Railway engineering
  • Petrochemistry
  • Medical Tech
  • Research and Development
  • Power engineering / power plant construction / wind energy
  • Mining

Key Figures

452 X-rays
arise, therefore no shielding is necessary
45638 axis
technology enables welding of all geometries

Our Standard is welding at
0,00005 mBar

Laser Welding in a high vacuum

We combine the advantages of high vacuum with the advantages of laser welding process


The device for laser welding under high vacuum is suitable for
welding a wide range of components, especially where high welding
depths, process reliability and high-quality welding results are

Due to the very pure and oxidation-free weld seam, gas-sensitive
materials such as titanium, zirconium, molybdenum, tantalum,
tungsten, vanadium, niobium and nickel can be welded excellently.

Up to a welding depth of 20 mm our device has the same advantages
as an electronic beam welder, but not the disadvantages

Our devices are ideally suited for the use in a cost-effective mass

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