Story of Titan Matrix Composites

 In Titan Matrix Composites - TMC

This week we start a documentation of our Business Division „Titan Matrix Composites“ .

We explain:

  • the components of TMC,
  • the history and technology,
  • the USP´s,
  • where TMC is successful implemented,
  • where are the markets for TMC,
  • which products can be generated with TMC
  • and the necessary machinery  to manufacture TMC!


Episode 1: What is Titan Matrix Composites?

TMC ist the result of the combination of 2 components:

Sic- Fiber                                                                and Titanium Alloy

The combination of the properties of these components and the knowledge of how to process it, is the result of an unbeatable technology. Up to 600 degress Celcius TMC is a material w/o alternative if high strength, light weight and high stiffness are extremely important!


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