New Aircraft Engine Concept reduce Total Cost of Ownership more than 30 %

Our partner Norbert Kreyer, former Formula 1 engine-chief at TOYOTA and designer of aircraft engines up to 900 hp, has developed a new concept in the field of engines from 400 to 850 hp.

The piston engine can be modularly developed as V8, V12 and V16, which drastically reduces development costs compared to conventional engines. The engine, built according to the diesel principle, convinces with better fuel consumption (less 30 to 40%)  and higher performance than turbines or turboprops. The total cost of ownership is over 30% cheaper. The engine is suitable for small aircrafts up to 7 people, drones, helicopter and airships.

We started negotiations with an international consortium.

More Information – see the Project Book:

Power Point: ktwsystems-pitch-engine-tech_wo-cost

pdf: ktwsystems-pitch-engine-tech_wo-cost


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