KTW Systems focuses on sustainability and environmental protection in its innovations! Part 1


For companies, sustainability and environmental protection must not be a contradiction to economic profit, as demonstrated by the innovations of KTW Systems.

Each of the 4 Business divisions develops products or projects that sustainably save our resources and protect the environment. All these innovations have their origins in the aerospace industry.

In the Business Division „Valve Technology“ the Company starts two „GREEN PROJECTS“ to protect the enviromement.

Both projects are dedicated to current topics and discussions and are being further developed in cooperation with DLR.

The project „reduction of pesticides“ aims to reduce the consumption of pesticides by up to „80%“. Here we combine modern sensor and otptical systems with our fast and direct switching valves.

Details are available in our brochure: ktw-valves-brochure-smart-farming

In our project „water direct injection“ we combine the knowledge of our Division „Engine Tech“ and „Valve Tech“. The approach is to reduce the NOx emission of diesel engines by more than 50% and to increase the power by 5 to 10%. The first test results are very optimistic. With a non-optimal process, we could achieve this goal.


In Part 2 to 4 we present our further innovations on the subject of sustainability and environmental protection


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