Titan Matrix Composite - Our featherweight champion.
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High Vacuum Welding

We present the first High Vacuum Laser Welder

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Realtime Valves

We redefine the terms "fast, reliable and flexible"

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Engine Technology

Modular Piston Engine for Aviation - More performance, less consumption

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Innovations in aerospace for the benefit of humanity – transferred to other industries.

We develop solutions where (process) safety, weight, efficiency, savings in resources and reliability are indispensable.

For our customers, innovation is the key to success, and they use our inventions to gain a competitive advantage!
Our typical customers coming from aerospace, medical technology, automotive, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, machine engineering and other high-tech industries

Our solutions lead to new standards in the High-tech Industry.
We design innovations with experience and excellence for the benefit of humanity

Business Units

Engine Tech
Well-known technology - newly designed
Modern Engines for Aviation -
Solutions to reduce
costs and fuel
Titan Matrix Composites: Less weight, more stiffness, more strength
World novelty with up to 50% weight reduction by higher strentgh and stiffness
High Vacuum Laser Welder
The ultimate option to electronic beam welding, in a high vacuum and with a lot more of advantages
High-quality welding results should be possible without great effort and at reasonable costs.
Realtime Valves
The only Realtime Valve!
Unbeatable in reliability, flexibility and life time.
The only Realtime Valve
with a magnetized ball as
closure element for all
application where a flow is!

About us

  • Norbert Kreyer
    Norbert Kreyer Project Manager
  • Stanislav Kopecek
    Stanislav Kopecek COO
  • Wolfgang Teichmann
    Wolfgang Teichmann CEO
  • Klaus Weber
    Klaus Weber R&D
  • Lan Lin
    Lan Lin GM China & Asia-Pacific

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